Blown Away …

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I have two girls, both of which I am enormously proud. However, this post is dedicated to my biggest-little-one, Lexy.

I would have thought that the words would have flowed so easily, but truth be told, I’ve had some difficulty composing this post. It isn’t very often that I’m at a loss for words, but this is one of those times.  You see, my daughter graduated last week from Grade 8 and she blew me away.  I’ve always known how smart, and funny, and kind, and caring she is.  She has challenged me since she was born – she always had an argument at the ready for anything I had to say.  On more than one occasion, I’ve had to concede.  This kid will make her mark in the world, and as her Mother, I can’t wait to find out how.

Lexy changed schools this year since neither her, nor her Sister needed daycare any longer (keep that in mind at the end of this post). She was very hesitant to change schools, because her old school and old friends were her comfort zone.  She knew everyone and fit in well.  At the beginning of this past school year, both Lexy and Caity would hang around at lunch and recess together because they were the outsiders, not having made any friends yet.  I shouldn’t have worried.  Both girls soon were invited to Birthday parties and after school to their new classmates’ homes for projects or play.  Lexy immersed herself in the extra credit assignments offered in her classes.  She signed up for, and got, the female lead in the play at her school.  I had heard her sing before, to the radio, but never really on her own.  When I heard her belt out “The One-Feathered Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz”, I cried – I had no idea she could sing so well.  That was the first time I was blown away by this kid.

When Lexy first learned to read, she was absolutely positive that she could not, would not, ever be able to read. It was impossible, hard and impractical.  Why couldn’t I just continue to read stories to her?  I remember one day as I was helping her read a story, it felt like a light bulb was turned on – all of a sudden she could read most of the words.  Pretty much since then she has read anything and everything she could get her hands on, and always at a much higher grade level than she was in.  Her Teacher commented earlier this year that her reading list rivaled his own.

Along with the prolific reading came her writing ability. Since she was little she would create stories with vivid descriptions and characters.  Her skill with writing was also far beyond her years.  She said she planned on becoming an author.

As a result of her performance in the play, and her amazing writing ability, her Teacher suggested she apply for our local school of performing arts’ theatrical programme.  That was the second time I was blown away by this kid.

At her Graduation last week, not only did Lexy graduate with honours (not a surprise), but she received awards for English, Music, Performer of the Year, and the Kiwanis Citizenship Award for Student of the Year.

Lexy accomplished all of that in just one year, while at a new school. That was the third time this year that my kid blew me away.

I could not have been more proud of her than I was, than I am. She left me at a loss for words because there isn’t anything sufficient to adequately describe how I felt, how I continue to feel.

But I just have one thing to say to her… OK Lex, now what are you going to do for an encore? 😉



May Your Life be Filled With Happy Monkeys

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My kid’s a donut.  Today is picture day at her school and all week we’ve been reminding her that she needs to smile in her school picture.  Last year’s photo, while cute, was pretty serious looking.  When I asked her why she wasn’t smiling in the picture, she told me she “forgot how to”.  So this year, we changed it up and Lexy had a plan…

“Smile like you’ve just got a new monkey!”

Just that sentence elicited the response we were hoping for … a big, beautiful, Caity-smile.

Every night this week we’ve practiced ‘smiling’.  I’ve told her she doesn’t need to shy in front of the camera, that everyone will be nice to her and we all want to see her most beautiful smile.  “But Mummy, what if I forget how?”

So I guess we’ll see in a few weeks how it went.  She’ll either have a serious face or a great big smile on her face as she envisions getting a new monkey to add to her brood.  Of course, she could also follow her Father’s advice and think of banana-flavoured monkey poop…

Stuff ‘n Such

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I’ve been crazy-busy at work the past couple of weeks, so much so it’s just been a blur.  Here’s a summary of the past couple of weeks, beginning with one that hasn’t occurred yet…


a) my Birthday.  Big whoop.

b) we’re off to see Amaluna!  I can’t wait.  We’ve broken the bank and are going for the VIP experience (do I deserve less on my Birthday??) which includes access to the Tapas Rouge Tent whereby we will attend a pre-show cocktail party served with Cirque flair.

Back to reality …

This past Tuesday:

The girls started school in the pouring rain.  It seems Hurricane Issac decided to visit Canada on his way out and we were all caught in a deluge of rain.  I haven’t seen it rain so hard since I was in Punta Cana last year!  The streets were filled with water, flash flooding everywhere.  Thunder and Lightning scared the girls.  For the first time they had to go immediately inside the school because it was too wet to line up outside.

Lexy started Grade 4 this year and has the same Teacher as last year, which she’s thrilled about.   She seems to be having fun, but she’s only been in school for 3 days.  Caity’s in SK but they don’t call it that anymore with the advent of all day Kindergarten.  It’s amazing listening to her recap the school day – she will give you a minute-by-minute synopsis of her daily activities.

“How was School Caity?”

“Goodie!”  She’d say.  “We did stories and painted, and did centres and had recess two times and had two snacks and lunch and I ate all my lunch and it was DELICIOUS and den we listened to stories and did reading and den it was time to go home so I went to Terri’s and den we had a snack and watched a movie and den you picked us up…”

My kid is a donut…

“How was School, Lexy?”

“It was good.”  … and that’s pretty much it from Lex.

This past Monday:

Lexy and Bella

My Sister-in-Law and her brood came for a quick visit to drop off Caity’s jacket which was left in their car a week ago.  Their puppy, a Chihuahua named “Bella” was there too.  She’s a little sweet thing, no bigger than a New York Rat and the cats “love” her.  That is to say, the cats want to eat her.  Well Charlie might.  Mavvy’s to much of a scaredy cat to do anything except puff his tail to make himself look bigger.

Charlie took a swat at Bella when Bella was trying to play with the cats.  Bella got scared and pooped on the floor.

It’s a good thing Bella’s cute…

This past Saturday:

Cats are amazing creatures sometimes.  Sometimes they can be a little eerie too.

The cats and the kids are messy eaters.  A good portion of what they eat ends up on the floor.  Nothing new, just more stuff that we have to deal with, but I digress…

I took the broom and dustpan out of the closet to sweep up the crap off the floor when Mavvy was at his plate, eating.  As soon as I took out the broom, he left his plate and walked over to the Living Room and sat down.  I swept up around the cat plates and under the kitchen table.  As soon as I finished and reattached the dust pan back on the broom, Mavvy left the Living Room, walked into the kitchen, sat down in front of his plate and resumed eating.

It was weird.

How was your week?

Time-Space Continuum

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Caity, My five year old is smart. She’s very intelligent. Sometimes I find it pretty scary hearing some of the things she comes up with because I don’t even know the answers. Caity can explain exactly how she put together the castle she made at school but she has no concept of time. None. If she asks to have a snack and is told to wait for an hour, she’ll ask again – a bit differently because she didn’t understand. If I repeat the answer or say not now, later, she’ll get very upset, to the point of tears because she now thinks I’m flat-out saying “no”. “Mummy, I don’t understand what you mean…” she’ll wail. Then you have to explain it to her again and she’ll finally get it.

It’s very frustrating at times. I don’t remember Lexy going through the same thing at that age although she did use the “after this sleep” when she meant “tomorrow”.

Caity will try to tell me a story about something that happened a while ago. Instead of saying something happened last week, she’ll say “after that day, and after that day, and after that day, and after that day, and after that day…”, she’ll count out the number of “after that days” for the amount of time that passed. If something happened a really long time ago, you could be there for a while.


“Mummy, I’m serious, it happened for real life!”

How can you argue with that kind of logic?


School’s done for the year and as much as she’s looking forward to the break, I know she’ll miss her friends at School. Her Kindergarten Teacher is moving to a School closer to where she lives next year. When Caity heard that, she sobbed because she didn’t want her favourite Teacher to leave. “But I’ll miss her…” Caity had a fabulous Teacher this year, she worked with us and Caity’s Sesame Allergy and Asthma. She allayed a lot of the fears I had about my littlest little one.


Caity had an appointment at Sick Kids this week for an ultrasound and follow up with her Nephrologist. The ultrasound showed two Kidney Stones and it seems like she’s trying to pass them tonight. She was in a lot of pain when she peed – to the point where she didn’t want to go pee because it hurt too much. After that, her lower back started hurting. Poor little kid is so brave, much more than I would be. I hope this passes quickly – and easily for her.


Report Cards

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Lexy got her report card on Monday and so did the rest of the kids at the Sitters.  Yesterday they were discussing who got what grade.  Lexy’s report card was excellent, as usual, this time she received 6 A’s, 2 more than the last report card.  She’s a smart kid.  She starts Grade 3 in September … 😦

One of the smaller kids asked Terri, my Sitter, what an “A” meant.  The kids thought about it for a while, then Lexy said “Absolutely Brilliant”.  Makes sense.  Terri said, “Ok, what does ‘B’ mean then?”

“Brilliant” chimed Lexy.

“How about ‘C’?” asked Terri once again.

The kids looked puzzled.  They thought it over and finally Lexy said “Could use some work!”

What a smarty pants I have.

“Ok, what does “D” mean?”

One of the kids said “Dumb”.  Well, that’s not nice, but we can see where you’re going… “and E?” Terri asked them.  “Extremely Dumb” someone said.



The ‘E’ is Silent…

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About two months ago, Lexy purchased (when I say Lexy purchased, I really mean that I purchased) some books through her school Scholastic Book Program.  Usually the type she likes to order are your typical kid books – Skippyjon Jones being one of our favourites.  This time in addition to a couple of her choices, I chose a Grammar book for her – a Grade 2 Grammar book (Lexy’s in Grade 1).  When the book order arrived, she was actually very excited to get the “homework” book.  Every night for about a month she would work through the book, page by page, learning how to put sentences together (yes, I know I need a refresher). 

The other day we finally finished the book.  I told her she could take it to school to show her teacher what she had been doing at home.  Her teacher was pleased and said her work was Level 4+ (definitely above her current Grade and the highest ranking she can receive).  I was/am so proud of her. 

The last evening we worked on it together (I help her initially, then she figures out the rest), she was writing in out sentences which contained “have”, “has”, or “had”.  I got her started on the page and every now and again she would pause and ask me about which word to use.

“Does he ‘has‘ a balloon?”  I’d ask.

Lex shook her head.

“Does he ‘had‘ a balloon?”


“Does he ‘have‘ a balloon?”

Nodding, she’d complete her sentence by writing in the correct word.

The next time, the word she was supposed to use was “had”.  I went back to watching TV while she’s filled in her remaining words.  I glanced at her work.

“Um Lex?”  I said.  “There’s no ‘e’ at the end of ‘had’, you wrote ‘hade’, that’s not a word.”

Lexy looks up at me like I should know better… “Mom,” she said.  “The ‘e’ is silent”.


Am I Being Unrealistic?

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Lexy got her first report card yesterday for her first term in Grade One.  She is an amazing reader, I’ve always known that and her previous Teacher and Daycare provider have also said so.  Under the “Reading” category, Lexy received a “B”.  I figured that based on her current reading ability, she was being marked too low.  She received an “A” in Music and her lowest grade was a B-.

She’s a smart kid.  I half expected to see more “A’s”.

I had a realization last night when I was trying to sleep while listening to Caity cough her little lungs out, that perhaps I’m a typical parent who sets unrealistic expectations on their kids.  I’m very proud of her, she had what her Teacher described as an “Amazing” Report Card.  Tonight was the Parent-Teacher Conference.  She told me what a good student she was, and how helpful she is in class.  She asked me if I had any concerns.  I told her I thought her reading grade should be higher and she said that Lexy was one of the brightest kids in her class, that she was far ahead of the rest.  She showed me the a test they use to calculate what reading level she’s at.  Students in Grade One should be at “Level 16” by the end of the year.  She’s already at “Level 17”.

A Great Read

We talked about how she feels that Lexy should work on her story recall or whatever it’s called.  I said that before Lexy could read for herself, you would only have to read her a story once and she had it memorized.  I told her about the story of “The Napping House” which my BFF got her for Christmas one year.  It’s a complicated cumulative pattern story where a flea is on a cat who’s on a dog, who’s on the child, who’s on the granny, who’s on the bed and everyone is sleeping … that kind of story.  Lexy had it memorized in no time flat and she knew it so well, that you could turn the page and she’d have it recited back to you, word for word, correctly.  She was four years old and could define metamorphosis.  I told her Teacher that my BFF is a Teacher too and suggested that she get tested in Grade Three for being Gifted.  Her Teacher agreed without hesitation.  Lexy has many of the tendencies of a Gifted Child.  It’s something to consider.  It actually explains a lot about her – she’s happiest when being challenged.  She likes, and needs order and structure.  Lexy has to have things just “so”.  She often corrects the Teacher.  “Mrs. C., that’s not how it’s done … “. 

Her Teacher told me that she’s a great helper, a great Mentor.  She said that there’s a boy in another class that has quite taken to her.  She’s the only one that can reach him.  If he runs away from the Teachers, they can’t get him back – but Lexy can get him to do anything.  She’ll call his name and he’ll come to her.  It’s like she’s a bee charmer or something.

We discussed Lexy’s emotions, and I told her that she’s as emotional as I am.  She said emotions are a good thing.  I told her that compared to how she was in J/K and S/K, she’s a perfect little angel.  I told her that Lexy can’t handle change very well.  If she knows that in a few minutes she needs to do something else, she’s OK, however if you just take her from one activity to another without warning, look out.  She told me that was they approach they take in her classroom, she gives some warning before they do a new activity.  I told her Teacher that by the end of S/K Lexy and the VP were best friends, because Lexy spent so much time in her office.  So far, she’s seen none of that.  Thank goodness.

I’ve told Lexy several times tonight that I’m very proud of her.

I think I have reason to be.

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